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Jim Manley Custom Rim – Inner Diameter = .561 (14.26 mm), Very soft bite
Our JimFlex trumpet mouthpiece is an extremely shallow mouthpiece with virtually no bite on the rim. Developed with Jim Manley, this is a mouthpiece that is extremely easy to play but requires a high degree of accuracy and very little lip penetration into the cup.

Players coming from a 60s Maynard Giardinelli, Groovin High, or equivalent report our JimFlex is 10-30% easier to play with better intonation and a more resonant sound.
This is due to our advanced acoustic design and Flex Alloy.

How to Choose/Order

1. Choose an Acoustic Series Click here for Series Advice
2. Choose Silver or Gold Plating
3. Choose three Flex Couplers (included with mouthpiece price)
Click here for how to choose Flex Couplers (Advice and Details)

A Flex Coupler is needed to use this mouthpiece (3 are included in price).
Contact Us with any questions you may have.
(Acoustic Series are listed in order of popularity for this mouthpiece)


Acoustic Series Information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in
Series Design (Mouthpiece balance)

By developing mouthpieces as complete systems, or series, we have been able to combine the best internal shapes and sizes to maximize the performance of each mouthpiece. In this manner you are assured of a mouthpiece that has been balanced acoustically for maximum sound and ease of play.




Silver plated, Gold Plated

Flex Alloy

A proprietary brass alloy and treatment. It is extremely resonant and transfers energy very efficiently thus adding to ease of play.

JimFlex M4G Series

Our M4G Series is the latest development in small volume cup acoustic design. It provides a huge resonant sound with an extremely easy upper register.

JimFlex J6 Series

J6 Series which is good for Lead Trumpet, Amplified Music, and Pit Work. It has more "core" to the sound than the Vs. Some say it requires a little bit more air.

JimFlex Vs Series

Speed of Sound Series which is good for Lead Trumpet, Amplified Music, and Pit Work.

JimFlex T2 Series

The T2 is a variation of the Vs Series. It has either a #30 or #29 bore. This affects the very top of the backbore nearest the cup. It may allow you to use less air.

JimFlex Development – Jim

I had no idea how analytical K.O. was the first time I met him. It was when we started working together that I discovered it was his passion as a player and his scientific background that led him to develop trumpets and mouthpieces that play easier and sound better than any other.

His father was a doctor and so he was around science and problem solving his whole life. His approach to the mouthpiece and trumpet is as a player who wants to make other players’ lives easier.

As a result he listens to what you have to say but never holds back his opinion, which are based on his studies of the trumpet and mouthpiece. He always listens with an open mind and never discounts what I have to say.

The first custom piece he made for me was amazing. I told my best friend Darryl Ecsedy that I finally had the “holy grail” of mouthpieces and was never going to change.

When K.O. sent me the new JimFlex, I was skeptical, I thought nothing could beat the “holy grail” but gave it a blow anyway.

After the first few notes I put my other mouthpiece in the drawer and haven’t played it since.

Jim Manley
Jim Manley Music

JimFlex Mouthpiece Development – K.O.

The first time I met Jim he was kind enough to give me a trumpet lesson. He listened to me for about a minute and then said “Sounds good. Now let me show you all that you’re doing wrong.” Let me tell you it was a lot!

I have always been fascinated with how Jim is able to get such a big sound throughout all the registers while using tiny quantities of air.

The first time I had a chance to make a mouthpiece with him was when he changed from his V~Raptor to his VRII trumpet. He came out with his existing mouthpiece and some other mouthpieces (including an MF Giardinelli) and told me what he liked about them and what he was looking for in a new mouthpiece.

I analyzed the mouthpieces he had and ended up modifying both the cup and the backbore. The new mouthpiece sounded much better and JIm said it was easier to play as well. He played this mouthpiece for a few years and sounded great on it.

When I had finished testing on the VR Flex mouthpiece concept in early 2009, I decided to redesign the last mouthpiece I had made for Jim. When I played the redesigned piece, it was quite an improvement: It had a bigger sound with more overtones and was easier to play. This was accomplished by modifying the cup to our VR style, using our Flex alloy, and designing a new acoustic series, the T2. Since then, we have continued our acoustic studies and now the most advanced JimFlex is in our M4G Series.

I remember calling Jim and saying I had a new mouthpiece for him to try. His response was that I could send it to him but he was sure it couldn’t be any better than what he had. In fact he said he’d rather change girlfriends, than mouthpieces.

Jim called me immediately after receiving the new mouthpiece and has been playing it ever since.

K.O. Skinsnes


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