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Equipment Testing Den of Truth

Welcome to the Equipment Testing Room of Truth

The idea for this room was to provide a way for us as players to hear what we sound like to the audience. In this way a player can make the best decision on trumpet and mouthpiece choice.

The first, and in some ways most difficult step, was to modify the existing room so that it would sound the same in both directions.

Then we chose an appropriate microphone and, with help and advice from my friends at Meyer Sound Labs, the correct speaker to play back the trumpet in an uncolored and natural manner. We then experimented with microphone placement and levels so that the player can record themselves playing and we can play it back at the same volume so the player can hear what they sound like from the front, or to an audience member.


It has turned into an incredible tool for all of us as players and as trumpet and mouthpiece designers.

More detail in this video – Equipment Den of Truth Video