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K.O. Skinsnes

Trumpet & Mouthpiece Specialist

ko-150x150Along with his extensive experience in mouthpiece making and valve alignments, K.O. has worked with brass players to solve problems and make playing a more enjoyable experience since 1994. Because of his educational background and the help of several mentors, he also has broad knowledge of the science involved in the design and playing of brass instruments.

His interest in loudspeaker design and PA system optimization together with his relationship with innovative loudspeaker manufacturer, Meyer Sound, has given him the chance to relate this knowledge to the trumpet and mouthpiece system, providing an incredibly unique perspective. He has helped countless brass players “dial in” their set-ups to achieve maximum results. These experiences have led to the design of the V~Raptor & VRII Bb trumpets along with the new Stomvi USA Flex mouthpieces.

William Wong

Product Specialist

William is an versatile musician, graduating from the University of North Texas in 2018. He performed in a variety of ensembles ranging from Lab bands, to Wind Ensemble, and small chamber groups, winning Best Brass Chamber Group in his last semester at UNT.

William has also performed in a Drum Corps International, which has toured across the country, and in a Dallas based Mariachi group. He also contributes teaching services to local high school bands during the marching season. These wide range of experiences help contribute to our ever-growing brand, Stomvi.

Carlos Miralles

Master Craftsman

carlos1-150x150Carlos has been customizing musical instruments for players in the Los Angeles area and all over the world since 1976. Carlos is a master craftsman capable of creating parts and customizing instruments to exacting standards. As a repair technician he is sought after and trusted by a who’s who of Los Angeles musicians. Carlos Miralles studied from many great trumpet players over the years and brings a deep perspective to his craft.

He has been working with Mr. Honorato developing and distributing Stomvi trumpets since 1999. He was instrumental in the design of the V~Raptor and VRII Trumpets, along with the Stomvi-USA Bb trumpet with special credit for the ergonomics and resistance characteristics of the horns.



Gary Bast

Senior Member of IEEE

garyplaying-150x150Gary Bast is a retired Professional Engineer and Senior Member of IEEE. He holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Lehigh University and a M.S. in Engineering Management from Drexel University. Gary’s serious research in trumpet acoustics began in 1994 under the tutelage of William T. Cardwell. Gary has been consulting with us on various projects since 2001.

An accomplished trumpet player, he has performed in settings which include symphony orchestra, concert band and wind ensembles, brass quintet, pit orchestras, big bands and dance bands. He is currently principal trumpet for the Macungie Band, which celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2005.

Vicente Honorato

Founder, Stomvi Musical Instruments

vicente-150x150In 1982 Vicente decided to dedicate his life to the design and production of high quality brass instruments. It was two years later that he introduced the Stomvi line of trumpets and mouthpieces to the world. His background in machining and problem solving along with his love of music enabled Vicente to produce instruments with unrivaled pitch and sonority. Prior to founding Stomvi, he was a maker of exquisite jewelry and brings this craft to the artful design of Stomvi instruments as well.

In December of 2008 Vicente came up with the VR cup design. He discussed the concept with K.O. Skinsnes as a basis to develop a new line of mouthpieces. This line became the Stomvi Flex mouthpiece line and marked the beginning of an on going collaboration of development and refinement. Vicente continues to be on the cutting edge of brass instrument innovation and design.