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Unusual and effective!

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Vicente Honorato was experimenting with different ways to affect the resonance and Harmonics of the trumpet. He discovered he could achieve a different sound and resonance by adding mini bell shaped objects to different parts of the piston and valve casing.


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Maxi Clappers change the sound and play of the horn in a different way than Heavy Caps.
They do have weight thus attenuate frequencies and broaden slots to a degree; they are also
adjusting the mix of the very high harmonics. Players describe the results as: better slotting,
greater connectivity from note to note and a slight increase in tonal resonance.
We recommend putting 2 MaxiClappers on Bb and C instruments, and only 1 for higher horns.

The MaxiClapper must be pitched a 6th above key of the instrument.

Bb instrument: MaxiClapper in G (#993134-G)
C instrument: 2 MaxiClapper in A (# 993134-A)
A instrument: MaxiClapper in F (#993134-F)
D instrument: MaxiClapper in B (#993 134-B)
Eb instrument: MaxiClapper in C (#993134-C)

The combination of our harmonic bottom cap and valve clappers led to the clapper cap. Many players find these increase the density of sound (one player described the effect as more sound per square inch) along with better slotting. Others report increased stability above the staff.

Piston clappers add damping and affect tonal changes different from other valve damping products. This comes from the shape of the bell and the location at the bottom of the piston. Better slotting and solid attacks are the most common benefits.