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Titan 4 Valve Edition

The most harmonics and easiest playing

Trumpets, Cornets, and Flugelhorns.

There have been other 4 valve trumpets and flugelhorns available but Vicente Honorato, founder of Stomvi is the first to develop an entire line of trumpets, cornets, and flugelhorns that are incredibly in tune and easy to play.


  • Full resonant sound rich with harmonics
    Like a 7 string guitar or a Bösendorfer 97 key piano our 4 Valve Edition offer more colors in the sound than ever before possible. Created with an advanced, acoustically damped air column.
  • Extremely easy to play
    Strong partials, combined with our advanced air column make these horns extremely easy to play.
  • Alternate fingerings
    The 4th valve offers many alternate fingerings usable for tricky passages or intonation purposes.


  • Easier Upper Register
    Properly applied acoustic damping combined with mechanical and our proprietary alloys and acoustic treatments make the upper register easier than ever before.
  • Increased Endurance
    Not having to distort your embouchure for intonation or low notes allows for
    less work and thus more endurance.
  • Usable Low Register
    The 4th valve lowers the pitch of the horn by a 4th (or tri-tone in the case of our Flugelhorn and Corno Da Caccia) and  acts as a bridge into the pedal register – You can now play pieces encompassing a 3 ½ to 4 octave range or more. Notes formally thought of as pedal tones are now usable notes.
    — Carmen Prelude to act 2 low F on Bb trumpet
    — Ein Heldenleiben 2nd Eb trumpet part can now be played on Titan 4 Valve edition Bb or C trumpet
    — 2nd movement of the Shastokovich piano concerto #1 on C trumpet
    — Low F in 2nd trumpet part of “Wicked”

And many more… What can you imagine?

  • You can play new music
    — Violin concertos (like the Sarasate) and guitar transcriptions are now possible without having to change the direction of the melody to accommodate the limited range of 3 valve instruments.
    — New concertos (like the Arturo Marquez Trumpet Concerto) are being written for 4 valve instruments as composers explore the new palette of sound colors afforded by our Titan 4 Valve Edition Instruments.

If you never use the 4th valve,
you still get more sound for less effort.

Stomvi Titan 4 Valve Edition – The future, today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do they use regular trumpet mouthpieces?

Yes the Titan 4 Valve Edition Instruments use standard trumpet, cornet, and flugelhorn mouthpieces.

Are they really heavy?

On average they weigh about 5 ounces more than our 3 Valve instruments, which is about the weight of a trumpet mouthpiece.

For example, our 3 Valve C trumpet weighs 2 lbs. 5 oz. while the 4 Valve C trumpet weighs 2 lbs. 10 oz.

What does the 4th Valve do?

The 4th valve on most of the horns lower the pitch of the instrument a fourth. The only two exceptions are the flugelhorn and the corno da caccia. The flugelhorn comes with two slides that allow it to go down either a fourth or a tritone. The corno da caccia only goes down a tritone.

Do the larger bore sizes make them more difficult to play?

Thanks to advanced acoustic and mechanical damping as with a well in tune air column, our Titan 4 Valve Editions are extremely easy to play.

Are they difficult to hold?

There will be an adjustment period for learning how to hold our Titan 4 Valve Editions; however, it is just like learning how to hold a piccolo trumpet or flugelhorn for the first time.

Do they fit in standard cases?

Yes the Titan 4 Valve Editions fit in most standard cases, except for specifically designed cases (i.e. a single Bach 3 Valve trumpet case).