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Brass Valve Stems

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Our brass valve stems add mass and thus damping changing the response of the horn. Many players find they significantly improve slotting and resonance throughout all registers. They are available in Silver and Gold Plate. Stock Aluminum stems are available here as well.

These stems fit Stomvi Trumpets.

If your horn has a valve alignment – these are not a direct replacement. Your horn will have to be re-aligned for the replacement stems.

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Stomvi Brass Valve Stems are precision machined for years of use.

Stomvi Brass Valve Stems can give you:

  • Increased resonance
  • An easier upper register
  • Better response
  • Improved slotting
  • Better flexibility

Stomvi Brass Valve Guides can enhance the performance characteristics of your instrument with increased resonance allowing the player more dynamic expression. Better connectivity, response, and slotting along with improved sound make Stomvi brass valve stems an excellent replacement for standard aluminum stems. Available for Stomvi trumpets in silver and gold.

Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions3 × 1 × 1 in
Brass Valve Stems - Set of 3

Brass Valve Stems – Set of 3, Brass Valve Stems – Set of 4


Silver Plated Brass, Gold Plated Brass, Aluminum


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