Flex Trumpet Mouthpieces

Flex Mouthpieces are designed to give you:

  • More frequencies, or colors in your sound.
  • More resonance in your sound.
  • A more efficient energy transfer from your lips to your instrument.

  • In other words you get more sound output for less effort.

    We have accomplished this by increasing the energy transfer from the mouthpiece to the trumpet in three ways:

    1. All Flex mouthpieces are made using our Flex Brass. This is a very resonant brass alloy and treatment that works extremely well for brass instruments and mouthpieces.
    2. Our new VR cup shape. This cup acts as a very efficient filter that allows more frequencies to travel into the horn than a conventional mouthpiece allows.
    3. New, efficient backbores that are balanced with the rest of the mouthpiece to further enhance the energy transfer into the horn.

    Conventional mouthpieces filter out many of the frequencies
    that you produce as a player.

    Our VR (Very Resonant) cup design increases the sound output with less effort on the part of the player. What we have done is make the top of the cup shallower and then added internal volume in the throat. This allows for a more efficient transfer of energy and a more desirable filter effect. In other words, more of the sound and energy produced by your lips transfers into the instrument as compared to a conventional style mouthpiece.

    Flex Mouthpieces - More Power

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