Master C Trumpet

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Click image for trumpet design concepts

Click image for trumpet design concepts

The Stomvi Master Line of instruments was developed in the early 1990s. Offering unmatched versatility in an innovative modular design the Master series became recognized as fantastic instruments with excellent intonation and playability.

The Stomvi Master C trumpet is great for:

–Symphonic and chamber orchestra
–Symphonic wind ensembles
–Brass quintet
–Chamber ensembles
–Classical Soloists
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Advanced Students


The Master offers the player 6 different options. The patented modular design lets the player choose between 2 bell tails, 2 bells, (Gold Plated BellFlex and Silver Plated Copper), and 2 leadpipes. With incredible slotting, fantastic intonation, even registers, quick response, clean articulations the Master is easy to play in any configuration. The modular design creates multiple feel and tonal options making the Master an extremely versitile trumpet. (see who plays Stomvi).

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in



#1 and #3 Ovate (Round) One piece


4.88” Gold Plate BellFlex Alloy #27 and 4.88" #25 Silver plate Copper (Both screw bells)


L .462"


Monel – Hand fit


Hand fit

Valve caps & buttons

Model 5281 – Heavy Gold Plate / Model 5283 (Titanium) – Titanium


Improved Amado style


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