Elite 330 Bb Trumpet

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Click image for trumpet design concepts

Click image for trumpet design concepts

The Stomvi Elite 330 Bb Trumpet is at home in both commercial and classical settings.

The Stomvi Elite trumpet is great for:

–Concert and Symphonic Band
–Symphony and Chamber Orchestra
–Brass Quintet
– Chamber ensemble
–Classical and Jazz solos
–Commercial Music
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, Advanced and Intermediate Students


The Elite 330 is a great choice for the player that likes the feel and sound of a traditional trumpet with enhanced playability. Excellent intonation, an even scale and the rich resonant tone of the Elite make it a joy to play in any setting. This is due to our advanced acoustic design. The Elite 330 offers a traditional feel with the advantage of modern playability. (see who plays Stomvi)

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in



Reverse #3 / Standard (Square) tuning slide


4.88" #27


ML .459"


Monel – Hand fit


Hand fit


Improved Amado style


Silver Plate


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