Titan Bb Trumpet

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Click image for trumpet design concepts

Click image for trumpet design concepts

The Stomvi Titan Bb Trumpet was built to produce a big powerful sound capable of projection over a large orchestra.

The Stomvi Titan trumpet is great for:

–Symphony Orchestra
–Concert and Symphonic Band
–Classical and Jazz solos
–Commercial work
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Advanced Students


The Titan has a large dark powerful sound with excellent projection. When pushed it remains focused and clear. The Titan is extremely centered, has outstanding intonation, is even in all registers and articulation is quick producing clear crisp attacks.Available in 2 different bell materials (BellFlex or Copper) the Stomvi Titan is built to optimize your performance. (see who plays Stomvi).

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in



#1 – Includes standard and ovate (round) tuning slides

Bell (Model 5320)

4.88” Silver Plated BellFlex Alloy #27

BellFlex (Model 5329 Copper)

4.88” Sliver Plated Copper #27


L .462"


Monel – Hand fit


Hand fit


Improved Amado style


Silver Plate


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