Forte Bb Cornet

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Click image for trumpet design concepts

Click image for trumpet design concepts

The Stomvi Forte Bb Cornet is quite versatile and produces a wide variety of tonal color.

The Forte Cornet is great for:

–Brass and Silver Bands
–Concert and Symphonic Bands
–Dixieland and Traditional Jazz
–Small Jazz Ensembles
–Cornet Solos
–Chamber Ensembles
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, Advanced and Intermediate Students


The Forte cornet offers the classic feel and dark sound of a traditional cornet in a modern package. It has excellent response allowing the player easy articulations and clean attacks. The ease of playability and a great cornet tone makes this an instrument with broad capabilities. The Forte Cornet combines tradition with an updated design and the results are fantastic. (see who plays Stomvi)

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Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in



#3 Cornet


#25 Shepherd's Crook


ML .459"


Stainless Steel – Hand fit


Hand fit


Improved Amado style


Silver Plate


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