Acoustic Series Information/Advice

Flex Mouthpiece Cutaway showing internal components

Flex Mouthpiece Cutaway showing internal components

Any Series can be used in
virtually any musical situation.

The mouthpiece components shown to the left
all work together to define our different
Flex Mouthpiece Series.

Any series can (and has) been used in virtually any musical situation. Proper mouthpiece design takes into account Mother Nature's harmonic series
and how the resonances behave in the
trumpet air column.bbcutaway
When designed properly, a mouthpiece works in cooperation with the trumpet air column and the player to provide a full resonant sound in conjunction with great intonation and ease of play.

If you are unsure of which series to select, we recommend you start with our Vs (Speed of Sound) series as it has proven to be the most successful for a broad range of players and musical settings.

If it doesn't quite fit your needs, contact us and we will help you “dial in” your set-up.

Acoustic Series

T2 (Tornado) series
(Similar to Vs (below) it functions like a "tight" system)
(Always paired with a 29 or 30 bore)

Vs (Speed of Sound) series
(Functions as a free blowing, resonant mouthpiece)

J6 series
(Functions like the Vs series with a "thicker" core to the sound)
In other words, more mid and low frequencies in the sound)

#5 series
(Functions like a "Schmidt" style classical mouthpiece)

M4G Series
(Developed through experience and math/physics, our M4G series functions with small volume mouthpieces in an extremely efficient manner. It produces a clear, resonant (and loud) sound unmatched in any other series)

General Player Guidelines

Select Vs (Speed of Sound) , T2, or M4G (select models only) series.
(The Vs is considerably more popular than the T2)

Select Vs (Speed of Sound) series.

Jazz/Section/Chamber group wedding
Select J6 series.

Classical including orchestral & C Trumpet
Select #5 series.

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