Advanced acoustic designs from mouthpiece to bell


Simply easier to play

By incorporating the principals of acoustic science and decades of experience, we have designed and developed mouthpieces and trumpets that are easier to play. Using high tech machinery in harmony with old world craftsmanship, our mouthpieces and trumpets are extremely well in tune and have full, resonant sounds.

Flex Mouthpiece Concept

Our Flex VR (Very Resonant) mouthpieces represent a new paradigm in mouthpiece design. Achieved through the use of acoustic properties in line with mother nature and the harmonic series we have created the best in tune and thus easiest to play mouthpieces to date.

It starts with the VR, or Very Resonant Cup shape. Our implementation of this cup shape is where the magic begins.

Although similar cup shapes have been used in the past it is our balance between the cup shape and the rest of the mouthpiece parameters which allows more harmonics generated by the player to excite the resonances in the trumpet. This, along with our extremely resonant Flex alloy enhances the coupling effect between the low and high frequencies resulting in a huge resonant sound.

Most players report that Flex mouthpieces are 10% to 30% easier to play with better intonation and resonance than other mouthpieces.
Traditional "C" cup compared to "VR" cup

Traditional "C" cup compared to "VR" cup

Our VR, or Very Resonant cup shape allows the upper register to remain in tune by diminishing it's volume at the optimum rate needed by the player as he/she ascends into the upper register.

In other words, as you push your lips into the cup to play higher notes, the cup volume decreases at the proper rate to keep everything in tune and easy to play.
Flex Mouthpiece Cutaway showing the interior parts of the mouthpiece.

Flex Mouthpiece Cutaway showing the interior parts of the mouthpiece.

Although a mouthpiece can be divided into different parts (as shown to the left), it is the marriage of all the parts that leads to a great mouthpiece. Using acoustic theory and decades of experience working with players and playing the trumpet, we have designed a line of mouthpieces to suit all situations from commercial, to classical, to extreme upper register demands

K.O. Describes the "Flex Effect."

The "Flex" Effect

After introducing our Flex Mouthpiece line in 2009, we have seen and heard what we describe as The "Flex" effect over and over again. When a player finds a Flex mouthpiece that is the correct fit, the effects are dramatic. Typically described as 10-30% easier to play with a resonant and clear sound, the "Flex" effect is real. We have hundreds of different models and combinations for you to choose from. We are confident we can make your life easier as a trumpet player and invite you to experience the future in mouthpiece design with us.