3 FLVR Flex Flugelhorn Mouthpiece

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Mt. Vernon Bach 3 Rim – Inner Diameter = .655″ (16.64 mm)

Our 3 FLVR Flex flugelhorn mouthpiece is extremely easy to play with a full, flugelhorn sound.
Currently available in Small Morse Taper shank (Bach taper). Other shanks coming soon.


• SMALL Morse taper
 – (Also called Bach taper). Fits Bach, Stomvi,Courtois, LeBlanc (including Sandoval), B&S, and some other European brands, plus Kanstul models 725, 1025, and newer 1525.

• LARGE Morse taper – 
Fits all Yamaha, Getzen, Jupiter, Callet, Benge, King, Blessing, Conn Vintage One, Weril, Holton, Schilke,  older Kanstul 1525 flugelhorns, and most other “American” flugelhorns except Bach.

• FRENCH (straight) taper – 
(Also known as Couesnon taper). French taper is used by original Couesnons, Flip Oakes “Wild Thing,” Kanstul CCF 925, and original F. Besson flugelhorns.


Additional Information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in

Silver plated, Gold Plated



Flex Alloy

A proprietary brass alloy and treatment. It is extremely resonant and transfers energy very efficiently thus adding to ease of play.


Small Morse taper


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