I got the new mouthpiece......Wow!!!!!!
It is a flame thrower of mouthpiece ;-))

I have been alternating between the 7 CVR and the S14A VR Vs during my practice sessions by playing same exercise/piece once with each.

The transition between the two mouthpieces has been no problem, in fact, the S14A VR is improving my sound and range/endurance on the 7C!

Thanks again!

Sam Piazza, New York

My new S13A mouthpiece is fantastic! Very efficient and easy to play, but with great core and a full range of overtones in the sound. The day after I got my mouthpiece I had a rehearsal and the sax player commented how good I sounded. &ldquo New mouthpiece &rdquo I told her! It works very well with my Stomvi Elite Trumpet, a great instrument for any style of playing, from classical to lead.
Frank Abrahamson, freelance
formerly with: Maynard Ferguson
Wayne Newton, Branson MO shows

Wow! I can’t remember when I have actually been excited about a mouthpiece!

Flex mouthpieces are highly efficient, very easy to play with rich overtones, bigger sound, better attacks, great intonation and focus with a fantastic upper register, all with less effort!

If you really want to improve your playing…Flex Mouthpieces will help you get the results you're striving for.

Thanks K.O. for all of your help and especially for making such a great mouthpiece!

All the best,
Scott Wiltfang
Calicchio DT s1s/3M
Calicchio 1s/2rM
Yamaha 6310Z Flugelhorn
Jean Baptiste VT480B Bb Valve Trombone
Flex JM VR mouthpiece

Scott Wiltfang, Freelance, Chicago, Illinois

I recently attended the Stomvi USA / Brass Spa seminar at the ITG Conference in Harrisburg, PA. I learned more about the trumpet and mouthpiece at this seminar than I had in several years of trying to educate myself. There was more real world information (stuff I can really apply) presented than at any clinic I've ever seen.


Jeff Helgesen, Freelance, Illinois
I purchased one of your brushed lacquer VRIIs this summer. My first impression taking it our of the box was that it is a beautiful horn to look at. Then I played it. That first time I couldn't put it down, the sound, the ease of working through the entire horn, I just kept moving from etude to etude wondering what kind of player I might be now if I would have had this horn before! The sound is amazing! I love the depth and color it provides. I have never had the prettiest sound, but the color I can get out of the VRII is dark and thick. My wife heard me that first day and immediately told me I had made the right decision in purchasing it.

I have a jazz quartet and after we played our first song, the guitar player just stared at me and said,"New horn, huh?". The ease of playing it totally opened up a new level of my improvisation. He heard me play things I had never attempted before.

I also love the horn's versatility. You can easily go from playing in a small combo with a beautiful sound, to screaming lead in a show with a sound that rips like a lead player's should. Before I would always have to change horns in order to do that.

My first gig with the horn in the Wind Symphony I play in is coming at the beginning of next month and I can't wait to see what kind of comments I get on it and my playing.

I have always stressed to my students and tried myself to play with what I call "effortlessness". I have always struggled to really achieve it that though. With this VRII however, I am playing better, cleaner and more efficiently that ever before, My goal of playing with real &ldquo effortlessness &rdquo might actually happen!

The horn has really given me a confidence I have not had since I was a kid and didn't know any better. I thank you for building me such a great horn.

Jeff Stevens, Texas

The mouthpieces I have been using for the past few years were custom made by K.O. and they are the best sounding pieces I have ever owned. As for the VRII - it is the best sounding, most in tune, easiest horn I have ever played!
On my gigs, other players are always telling me what great ears I must have to play that in tune - I tell them it's my horn!
I recently finished a new CD. This is the first one I used my VR2 on and the engineer even commented on the rich sound and fullness all over the range of the horn, in addition to the great intonation.
I have never played a trumpet that made my jobs easier than my VR2 does. K.O.'s knowledge of how the trumpet works is an amazing study that has lead to him and several colleagues building what I believe to be the best playing trumpet ever made - my VR2.

Jim Manley, USA

I've played a Schilke 13A4A since around 1973. Mostly I'm called on to
play lead but also play with small horn sections using one mouthpiece
for all styles. The Schilke has been a great mouthpiece but I always
felt there were a few shortcomings I had to compensate for. Namely,
slotting, which includes the issue of playing passages easily and
having the notes fall in place, and playing a good double C (Bb,C#
were fine). After reading reviews, testimonials and with the help of
K.O., I decided to try the flex S13A VR VS. The edge of the rim is
just enough to get that 'slot' which makes the passages so much easier
to play without forcing the notes but is not too much edge so it still
feels comfortable. It generally takes less effort to play in and
slightly above the staff but can take a massive amount of air if I
choose. My range didn't really increase but now allows for an easy
double C. The players next to me say it has a wider spectrum of
partials, which I would agree with. My next goal is to try the S3 to
replace the Yamaha 6310Z and Burbank Benge MLP. Thanks Stomvi. I love
the mouthpiece and I'm not looking back. You guys are great to work

Dean Artall, Freelance, Texas

My Flex trombone mouthpiece made me feel young again!

Cecil Benjamin, AF band, retired, USA

I visited the shop with a hope that K.O. could come up with some advice for a more efficient setup for lead trumpet playing. My current setup felt like lots of work.
Long story made short. I came out with a new Stomvi USA Bb Trumpet and matching new mouthpieces with couplers.

I've fallen in love with my Stomvi, outperforming my $4000.00 custom handmade horn. It is beautifully made, build quailty is the best I've seen.
With the Flex 3C and #3 Flex Coupler it is a soft jazz horn. Change it to the super efficient S14A VR with J6 backbore and #4 coupler and I have a killer lead sound for big band and salsa.

The flex mouthpiece cups have a unique design with a very nice sound. The designs have some undercut, this is good for me since I use some lip engagement.
The coupler system helps me add some additional gap which I need to make the most efficient setup.

I now use my Stomvi for everything, and I don't look back.

Thank you K.O.!

Rune Aleksandersen, freelance trumpet player, Norway

The new Traditional Flex 1C with the #6 backbore is by far the best mouthpiece I have ever played. I fell in love with it immediately as it took zero time to adjust to it. When looking for a new mouthpiece I have always had to debate on what to sacrifice, sound or ease of playing. With this mouthpiece there are no sacrifices, it plays with ease in all registers with the biggest sound I have ever produced.

Tim Saeger, freelance trumpet player, San Diego, California

I’m finally getting back to you on the piece you sent me. I wanted to take some time to evaluate this piece because, in the past, I’ve had some pieces feel great for a few days and then they don’t seem to work as well as expected. However, that’s not the case with the flex you sent. I could tell there was a bigger core to the sound throughout my range and notes consistently felt more secure in slotting. I had a little problem slotting the high A for a while but with some tongue position adjustment and opening the chops, it’s no longer a problem. I tried the 4, 4.5 and 5 couplers with my Schilke S32 and I think the 5 feels the best with this horn. However, the 4.5 works best on my Jupiter 1600i. In short, I’m very happy with this piece. It appears to me that the cup/throat design features really help connect notes and make for a more efficient mouthpiece and easier playing experience.

Bob Mioduszewski, Bel Air, Maryland

The horn just gets better the more I play it, and I have actually increased my practical range a step and a half (this is after learning how to play the horn, I initially didn't find it really gave me much of a range boost). Couldn't be happier with it. I tell anyone who will listen about it.
Again, love the horn. It has changed my life. The compliments I get on a weekly basis from my band mates and audience alike are worth the investment alone!

Joe Vivian,

After several weeks of pondering and second guessing on my part, and absolutely no second guessing on K.O.'s part, I finally purchased a mouthpiece. I began using my new S14 immediately and I haven't looked back. I don't even think about trying to do things, or hit notes, or "this is gonna be REALLLLY hard," and now I can concentrate on musicality. At the end of a gig I still feel that way. The phrase "I don't think I've got enough chops left" hasn't crossed my mind since I started using this marvelous feat of engineering. The only way it could be better is if it were free.

Ben Foss, US Navy Band, Japan

Now that my "honeymoon phase" is over with my new Flex VR mouthpiece; I thought I would share my thoughts with you regarding it. To be very honest with you; when I first saw your Flex VR mouthpieces at this year's NAMM Show, it certainly was not love at first sight. After using "tone intensifiers" and &ldquo mega" heavy mouthpieces I thought... "These look like boring traditional mouthpieces so I doubt if they could create any magic for me". Well, after a few blows, I was wrong! The sound was perfectly rich without being dull. I validated this by also listening to raw (no effects) recordings of myself in order to better understand the sound from the other side of the bell. I then found that even though it had a nice full color to its core sound and warm tone, I did not have to sacrifice playability and response in the higher register. When I played it (along with many other well known branded mouthpieces) during a blind test with my overly honest Wife, she responded... &ldquo That one makes you sound like a professional! &rdquo On a separate note, your expertise and customer service is truly amazing! I remember after you asked me several questions (while fitting me with one of your mouthpieces) it was the FIRST mouthpiece you recommended that fit me the best and the one I purchased! Even though I played several more of them, I kept coming back to that first one! Your straight forward, patience, and respectful approach with me showed your true commitment to ALL Trumpet players (not just professionals) and your passion for the optimization of the ever elusive "equipment plus player" equation. In closing, I would like to say that I am 100% confident that your great Flex VR mouthpiece has finally ended my (25)+ year "mouthpiece safari." If someone welded it onto the receiver of my horn, I wouldn't be the least concerned! Thank You & Congratulations on designing and manufacturing what I strongly believe is the best mouthpiece I have ever played!

Dan O'Donnell,

I play in the brass quintet for the 4th Infantry division band at Ft. Carson
Colorado. I played one of the new flex mouthpieces for the first time at the
Rocky Mountain Trumpet Festival and was instantly impressed with the change
in response and the change in my tone. The other trumpet player in the
quintet and I both bought new mouthpieces that day. When we returned to
quintet practice that next Monday the other members of the quintet we
surprised at the difference the new mouthpieces made in our tone. They
thought the sound was richer and more focused and my partner and I both
found it easier to match timbre and pitch with the other players in the
quintet. We have used them ever since and are very very pleased with the
ease of playing and improved sound quality of the flex mouthpieces.

Thank you so much for the great product and I look forward to a long history
of playing the flex mouthpieces.

SPC William J. Flitter, Ivy Division Band, Ft. Carson, Colorado

It's easy for me to talk about my two V-Raptors because they are simply the best horns I have every played! And that comes from playing for the past 50 years. I have a silver light weight, and a gold heavy weight horn. They are amazing horns, each in their own right. I use the silver horn the most, as I play lead in the San Luis Valley Big Band, in Alamosa, Colorado. Alamosa is a small community with a big band. An unusual situation to say the least. The love of big band jazz is the glue that keeps the band together. For a non-professional band made up of &ldquo jazz addicts &rdquo with day jobs, we are still able to play Basie, Kenton, Herman, and Maynard charts. The lead parts are demanding! The V-Raptor makes it possible for me to play the lead with power and edge. I actually sound better now than I did when I was in my twenties playing in Los Angeles.

Like many players, I have run the gamut with horns. I've played nearly all the major brands. When I tried the V-Raptor about two years ago, I was blown away (pun intended). I had purchased a Yamaha, Bobby Shew model, and was very pleased with it. Then I discovered the V-Raptor and compared the two. Much to my surprise the Raptor was more responsive, more centered, and added about a third of an octave to my range! That was all it took. I bought the two horns and I am telling everybody I know about the horn.

Thanks for making such great horns!

Rob Williams, Colorado

Changing to the Stomvi USA flex mouthpiece (5DVR with 4-5 couplers)
has been the most transformative move I have made as a professional!
It gives me the core sound, evenness in all registers, and flexibility
I need for both classical and jazz situations. Simply talking to K.O.
about the properties of mouthpieces and their effect on playing has
been an education in itself, and I have never met another individual
so knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy about the REAL issues of
equipment and trumpet playing. Simply put, I am enjoying playing my
trumpet more now than I ever have, and with the flex I am afforded the
opportunity to focus and concentrate on music and expression! This is
the greatest gift I could be given...I cannot thank you enough, K.O.!

Dr. Ronnie Ingle, Professor of Trumpet, University of North Dakota

I've owned an S3 for several months. I first played one at a conference and even competing with the 10 other people in the room playing horns, it was amazing. My first impression was how easy it was to play. Over the next couple of months, I played an S3 on a couple different occasions, but always in a "group" setting. Finally I got to play one in a practice room, by myself. I bought it shortly thereafter. All that to say it wasn't a "whimsical" purchase. I am not a pro. I'm an old guy comeback player. I don't trade horns just to buy/try them. This is likely the last horn I will ever buy.

I see hear a lot of phrases in discussions, but I don't know what many of them mean, like bright or focus or core or heavy. I had heard the phrase "it speaks right away" (about many different horns) and never knew what that meant until I played the S3. I now know what it means. It's almost as if the horn plays itself. I think about a note and it's there.

It's the most internally in-tune horn I've ever played, for me. I have not played many (most of my life on a Bach Strad) but I had some "pitch issues" with my previous horn, for which I will take full responsibility. It was a great horn that I just didn't know how to control. I also have a 70's Benge which is a nice horn, but it has some of the normal pitch issues. There are many times with the S3 when I land on a note and there is NO doubt in my mind that I'm in dead centre of the pitch. The rest of the time I'm confident, but at these times there's some feedback I get that is SO amazing and comfortable. And relaxing. That being said, I can bend pitches in the staff a third or fourth down. So it CAN be bent.

I also have a Stomvi flex mouthpiece (I got that first, to play with my previous horn) and the pair is unbeatable. My brother also plays (he's better than I am) and when he heard me on this setup, he said it's the best sound he's ever heard me produce on any trumpet/mpc ever. And he's been listening to me for 45 years.

It's very even to play, all through my range (which isn't double X, but it gets me where I need to be.) And it's EASY. That's another phrase which I probably can't articulate the way others can, but the topline F to C above are easier to play than I've ever experienced. The F feels like a 3rd line Bb. This might be the way everyone else experiences things, and the way it SHOULD have felt on any horn for me, but it hasn't been.

KO has been very helpful in my quest. I heard him give a talk at that first conference, and the science just made sense. So I jumped in with both feet on the mpc and then the S3. But science aside, it sounds good, it's in tune, and it's easy. QED.

Bottom line: I love the S3. Best horn I've ever owned for me. It's definitely worth a look and a play, even if it's not ultimately the horn for you.

David Grace, Chicago, Illinois

The rim and cup size are just perfect. The sound has a lot of core and is very centered, seems to carry far. Usual high tone range is effortless.
With regards to the couplers, for now my preference is the 5, although I'm still experimenting on the other two. I've decided to keep them. Thanks for nailing this on one try!
The valve guides are great! They gave me a more centered sound and slotting is better, giving an impression of a bigger sound. Combined with the square tuning slide, this gives me a very locked response for legit playing.

Daniel Borja Jr., Kawasaki, Japan

My new S13A mouthpiece is fantastic! Very efficient and easy to play, but with great core and a full range of overtones in the sound. The day after I got my mouthpiece I had a rehearsal and the sax player commented how good I sounded. "New mouthpiece" I told her! It works very well with my Stomvi Elite Trumpet, a great instrument for any style of playing, from classical to lead.

Frank Abrahamson, freelance, formerly with: Maynard Ferguson,
Wayne Newton, Branson MO shows,

I considered sending my Bach C trumpet to Stomvi USA for their Spach Recalibration but hesitated as I was unsure of what the result would be. I was fortunate to find a V~Raptor in good shape and at a great price from Thompson Music so figured I'd give it a try thinking that Stomvi USA touts that their goal is great intonation. If the V~Raptor was good, I figured their approach must work and then I'd send my C trumpet to them.

I ended up keeping the V~Raptor and I love it. I played the horn in a rehearsal for my jazz quintet last night.
They guys hadn't heard me play it before. The reaction from several in the group was that I sounded more relaxed and that my intonation was better (obviously) than on my other horns.
The sax player, who has good ears for trumpet stuff, said that his impression of me (as well as other players) on my old equipment was that it sounded like I was "trying" to make it work. On this horn, I am able to "let" it work for me.

Needless to say, I ended up sending my Bach C trumpet in and I can say that my Spach plays great.
For the first time, I am able to hit a G on top of the staff dead on (in tune) and E and Eb below it without alternate fingerings.
I was concerned that I might loose some of the original sound quality, but amazingly, the Bach sound seems intact (minus the timbre quirks).
There was no need for an adjustment period (where I had to relearn how to play it).
It played so great right out of the box that I felt confident enough to be able to use it on a chamber orchestra gig the day it arrived.
The excerpts that have troubled me for a long time seem to actually be improving now.
For the first time, I am actually ENJOYING playing C trumpet rather than doing it out of necessity.

Pete Estabrook, Adjunct Trumpet Instructor: Sonoma State University, Pacific Union College, Santa Rosa Junior College Freelance Trumpet, San Francisco North Bay

I brought my Chicago C trumpet to the guys at Stomvi to look at, since it was a trumpet that I hated. I was ready to sell it and purchase a new one. After having a chat with a few of the guys, they aligned my valves, and now I am happy to say that it is my most favorite trumpet in my bag. The alignment fixed all the errors in the horn that had been haunting me. Now I can relax and make great music!

Sean Gehricke, USA

After years of playing the same mouthpiece and trying all kinds of brands I finally found a new mouthpiece that was worth making a change. The Stomvi Flex 4G VR and 5G VR have a focus of sound and ease of playing unmatched by any mouthpiece I have ever tried. The 4G is ideal for playing 2nd trombone in an orchestra. Stomvi's VR cup design makes the low range easy and powerful and provides a clear and responsive high range. Anyone looking for a new trombone mouthpiece must give Stomvi's VR Flex line a try.

Jason Stromquist, Omaha Symphony, 2nd Trombone, Nebraska

Thank you very much for putting your skills and many years of experience
into the development of this Stomvi-USA S3 Bb trumpet!

At first my interest was captured by my dear friend Jim Manley and of course
by the one and only Lynn Nicholson.
Hearing a great trumpet sound is one, but you still need to play this
instrument yourself to find out what it's all about. Luckily for me there's
a Stomvi dealer very close to where I live and they just started to add the
Stomvi-USA horns to their collection. As soon as I found out I took a trip for a test play.
Well… I still remember I couldn't think of any other word than 'incredible!', without exaggerating.
I just couldn't let it go! Unfortunately they only had one in stock so in consultation I agreed to
wait 'just' two more weeks to give fellow trumpet players a chance to play test it too.
Those have been two very long weeks, let me tell you! Anyway as soon as the stock of S3 horns
grew I got to compare them and find the best one for me. It was very nice to see they're build in
very close quality compared to one another! As a matter of fact, I just found out they're sold out already,
awaiting new stock.

With my dad being a classical and principal solo trumpet player, I've played quite some brands
and trumpets the past 30 years. I've played real expensive ones and some of those overweight ones.
Too many to name them and I don't think it's of added value to do so.
Needles to say I was more than surprised to discover this greatly priced Stomvi-USA S3 horn
outperformed them all (based on my personal requirements that is).
To me this was hard evidence that great quality and eye for the smallest details can surpass a
'highly' priced and/or 'fancy' looking horn.

Long story short, here's what comes to my mind while playing the Stomvi S3:
- Extremely versatile horn (from a great warm/velvet sound to an extremely loud shout chorus)
- Ease of playing/slotting the notes (no need to 'work' some notes anymore)
- Balanced feeling of air resistance
- Very well in tune
- High build quality and extreme eye for details! Just pulling the 2nd valve tube and taking a look
inside while pressing that valve makes you smile instantly… no nobs, no sharp edges…
just as smooth as it can get (and should be).
Using your Flex mouthpiece with your coupler system makes the entire picture complete for me.
Just for fun I took my old horn after I played a few difficult licks on my Stomvi S3… well…ah…
I'll stick to my S3... that's for sure! Life's good now! Thanks again and please keep up the great work.

Edo Masseurs, The Netherlands

I have been working with K.O. since 1996. I respect his knowledge and expertise on the art of making trumpet mouthpieces. I have been playing the 3F VR for commercial and 3C VR for legit playing since April and am loving the sound I am getting with these mouthpieces. They add a unique dimension to my sound that other mouthpieces could not produce. Kudos to K.O. and his hard work!

Chris Hammiel, USAF Heartland of America Band

The first day I did an A-B-C comparison between my Bach Strad, the Shew 8310z and Raptor 2, I wasn't convinced that either was better than what I was currently playing (a Bach, playing exclusively commercial, rock, lead). I was able to take the Shew out of the running early due to personal preference. That's until I took the Raptor with me on a few gigs over the weekend. Friday night's gig had me and the sax player I gig with saying &ldquo well, I don't think it's better than your Bach, but keep playing it this weekend before you make up your mind.&ldquo It must have been those 2 days that really flipped the switch for me in how the Raptor needs to be played vs the Bach. Keywords are &ldquo free and easy.&ldquo I took a relaxed approach, and the thing lit up for me. This contrast became more evident as I played on the Raptor more. The Raptor allows me to play relaxed and just blow the horn, while I felt my Bach needed me to push more air and exercise my chops more to get the same results. The Raptor can be pushed and can take air, but it doesn't need it to sound brilliant. By Sunday, after my third gig with the Raptor, and some more comparison playing at the house just to make sure, it was time to convince the wife to get on board with freeing up some funds for the last trumpet purchase I'll ever need to make. I experimented at home with other mouthpieces, and this horn can be colored to fit any gig I need to play. I couldn't be happier with my new horn. I am going to be experimenting with the different slide and valve cap combinations just to see how versatile the horn is over the coming days.

KO and his team have done a fantastic job putting this horn together. I am not a professional by any means, but I do play a lot, and I am grateful that this horn exists and that I am proud owner.

Thanks to KO, and also to Mike Thompson and Jim Manley for answering any question I had about the horn during the decision process.

Joe Vivian,
www.hillbillyhorns.com, www.theaccentsband.com, www.facebook.com/TommyVandtheWorks