Advanced acoustic designs from mouthpiece to bell


Simply easier to play

By incorporating the principals of acoustic science and decades of experience, we have designed and developed mouthpieces and trumpets that are easier to play. Using high tech machinery in harmony with old world craftsmanship, our mouthpieces and trumpets are extremely well in tune and have full, resonant sounds.

Titan Piccolo

Our Titan Piccolo is used by some of the top soloist in the world. It is truly a work of art.

Flex Mouthpieces and Couplers

Flex Mouthpieces with Flex couplers afford the maximum energy transfer by extremely efficient acoustic coupling to the instrument. Try one and experience “The Flex Effect” for yourself.

VRII Bb Big Bell

Our VRII Bb Big Bell trumpet pouts out a lot of sound for a small amount of effort. Great for Commercial, Quintet, Wedding, and Symphonic.

Titan C Trumpet

Our Titan C Trumpet is used by the Royal Philharmonic in London and has a resonant C trumpet sound with lots of colors.