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VRII Bb Trumpet

(12 customer reviews)

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Click image for trumpet design concepts

Click image for trumpet design concepts

The Stomvi VRII Bb Trumpet has an advanced design that makes it simply easier to play providing an edge in todays’ demanding performance environments.

Our VRII trumpet is great for:

–Commercial lead playing
–Amplified music
–Symphony and chamber orchestra
–Brass quintet
–Concert and Symphonic Band
–Classical and Jazz solos
–Chamber ensembles
–Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Advanced Students


The VRII BellFlex alloy bell possesses a resonant tone capable of many colors. This enables the player to sound Dark and Smokey or Brilliant and Powerful. Varied bore sizes throughout the trumpet fine-tune the air column resulting in exceptional intonation and slotting, increased harmonics, fast accurate response and an easy upper register. Symphonic, Commercial, Jazz, Chamber, Latin and Solo performers use VRII trumpets worldwide (see who plays Stomvi).

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Standard weight VRII

The Stomvi VRII Bb Trumpet has an advanced design that makes it simply easier to play providing an edge in todays’ demanding performance environments.

Big Bell VRII

VRII Bb Big Bell

VRII Bb Big Bell

The larger bell on the VRII Big Bell enhances the advanced design of the VRII increasing ease of playability. The Big Bell capitalizes on the BellFlex material adding tonal capabilities providing the player a defined edge in todays demanding performance environments.

Lightweight VRII

The Stomvi VRII lightweight hand made professional Bb Trumpet is lighter than the standard VRII and is the model choice of many lead trumpet and commercial players.

Lightweight Big Bell VRII

VRII Bb Lightweight Big Bell

VRII Bb Lightweight Big Bell

The Stomvi VRII lightweight Big Bell hand made professional Bb Trumpet is lighter than the standard big bell VRII and is an excellent choice for the player that has to do it all.

Additional information

Weight6 lbs
Dimensions24 × 14 × 12 in



VRII reverse – square and round tuning slide included


4.88” BellFlex Brass Alloy, Big Bell: 5.25" BellFlex Brass Alloy


Monel – Hand fit (includes alignment)


Hand fit

Available finishes

Silver Plate or Brushed Lacquer (Contact us for Gold plating prices)


Improved Amado style


Polybore: The bore size varies throughout the horn. This is how we fine tune the air column for maximum performance.

12 reviews for VRII Bb Trumpet

  1. Erick Jovel

    The VRII is by far the best trumpet on the planet. The colorful sound, the intonation, and overall playability is unmatched by any other trumpet. It dominates any big band while playing lead, sizzles in a salsa band and provides a warm sound for brass quintet and orchestral settings. Loud or soft, the sound is crystal clear and full. This is the sound I was looking for. I couldn’t possibly be happier! Thank you K.O., Carlos, and Forrest for providing me with the best tool for my trade.

  2. Michael Galea

    My new Lightweight Big Bell VRII is without a doubt the best horn I have ever played.. I play lead on it easily with my university’s big band, I am easily able to play with a nice warm sound in a small group setting, and even better, I can get the dark sound I desire for a classical setting. KO and all of Stomvi-USA are without a doubt the most knowledgable and professional people I have ever worked with in my short career as a musician. While I think everyone out there should buy this horn immediately, I encourage EVERY trumpet or brass player out there to give KO and the other guys at Stomvi-USA a call and experience what they have done for me. I am truly thankful for all their help…
    I am never picking up my Yamaha ever again. I have been Stomvi-fied…..
    -Michael Galea

  3. garibalditrpt

    The VRII is clearly the best sounding and playing trumpet that I have ever played. I have played Yamaha, Bach, Benge, Shilke, Monette, and Harrelson trumpets. There has always been some shortcoming with each of those horns. The VRII lacks any shortcoming, it is amazing. Its intonation is superb and challenging phrases now seem to play themselves. Pitches are solid, slotted, and in tune. No more squirrelly pitches. This is the first horn that I have played where what comes out of the bell is the sound that I am hearing in my head. If you are a lead player, this horn lights up the room and plays very easily in the upper register. In fact, I have to play a little softer than I used to, otherwise the band gets buried. In a word, this horn is AMAZING! Thanks Jon and K.O. for spending time with me on the phone and your outstanding service.

    Mike Evans
    Alumni Glenn Miller Orchestra

  4. Denny Hodge

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve found it very difficult to get the variety of sounds I need for playing shows, quintet and solo legit work. The VRII Big Bell has completely solved the problem, allowing me to soar over a large pit orchestra with zing and edge, or merge with a pipe organ in a church on Sunday morning. K.O. took a lot of time to work with me, ensuring that everything was going to work for me. They have been a breath of fresh air in this assembly line, one-size-fits-all world. I’ve never been happier with an instrument, and I’ve had several.

  5. Lawrence Wiley

    My VRII is just a joy to play, it gives me flexibility to play in any and all performance environments, from delicate chamber music, to screaming lead in a big band, or a big orchestral sound….the VRII is just an incredible piece of equipment! Many trumpet makers claim their horn will work in any environment, but this one really and truly does what they say, it really IS flexible enough for me to play in any and all environments, and as a freelance musician, that’s invaluable! when paired with my Stomvi Flex mouthpieces, I am set to play pretty much anything. Thanks for all the assistance, you folks have the best customer service in the industry!
    Lawrence Wiley
    USAF Bands Retired
    Freelance musician

  6. Byron M. Aldinger, York, PA

    Yes I play a Stomvi. Let me encourage you, that you know your correct physical key to accend and decend the register of your instrument, before you like or dislike something.
    By this I mean, your, correct jaw movement, jaw forward, receded, upward, downward, left or right and your muscular tension up or down to accend or decend.
    There is a correct inner embouchure for you that must move and, you must learn which combination is your personalized way. The outer embouchure must not move.
    These maneuvers must not be used on a lesser interval than a perfect forth and the core or center of the sound must dictate as to how much to employ.
    By using your correct physical key it will prevent any misalignment between the teeth and lips – thereby eliminating any “blowing impediment” or “choke” in any particular part of a 3 octave range.
    And by the way, there is something to the gap, I proved it to myself. I bought the whole set of couplers and had 3 different mouthpieces converted.
    Yes. I chose a Stomvi.

  7. Terry Seregely

    I have owned a vrii lightweight big bell for over a year. I have 2 other horns of this caliber which I also play periodically. I have found that I play the vrii for more and more of my work. I mostly play big band lead but I also play frequently in church. I find the vrii works equall