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The categories below are simply guidelines that some might find helpful when looking at our equipment. Matching a player to the best instrument and mouthpiece is no trivial task. We are constantly updating our database from both working with players and our continuing research. This information helps us guide players to equipment that is easier to play. Obviously, it is possible that any trumpet or mouthpiece could work for any player. We advocate that players obtain the equipment that works the best for them. Use the descriptions below as a place to start and never hesitate to contact us.

Lots of Gear!

Lots of Gear!


Enjoys a high level of proficiency and musicality and has utilized these skills as a working musician.


Encompasses a wide rage of capability from professional and student levels to the recreational player that is involved in music as an enjoyable pursuit.

Advanced Student

Engaged in the pursuit of professional proficiency and musicality with this reality close at hand (Typically college seniors and graduate music students).

Intermediate Student

Ranging from advancing junior high school instrumentalists to entry-level college music students.