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Flex Mouthpiece O-Rings (bag of 6)


These are synthetic o-rings, not rubber, designed to work with our Flex Mouthpieces. Rubber absorbs vibrations like the tires on a car. Our synthetic o-ring transfers the energy into the trumpet efficiently. These o-rings can last a very long time if they stay lubricated with slide grease. This is for a bag of six (6) o-rings.
Detailed Gap information



Receiver cut-away showing the "gap"

Receiver cut-away showing the "gap"

The Annulus, or "Gap" as it is commonly referred to, is the space (chamber) between the end of a trumpet mouthpiece and the beginning of the leadpipe.


  • Make the upper register as easy as possible.
  • Improve your endurance.
  • Give you a full, resonant sound full of harmonics, or tonal colors.
  • Improve the low register.
  • Ensure the best intonation possible with your mouthpiece, your trumpet, and the way you play.
  • Give you more sound for less work.
The "gap" affects the pitch center, or slot of every note on the trumpet.
It does this by affecting the intonation of every note.

When the gap is not correct, you must compensate using your chops and air in an effort to make all the notes be in tune and sound as even in possible. This means you are working harder than you need to to play the instrument.

Signs of an incorrect gap:

  • Some notes are sharp and some notes are flat.
  • The upper register speaks well, while the low register speaks badly.
  • The low register speaks well, while the upper register is difficult.
  • All or some registers feel stuffy.
  • All or some registers feel too open.
The video below explains what the gap between the mouthpiece and leadpipe is.

Detailed Gap information

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Weight0.3 lbs
Dimensions3 × 1 × 1 in


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These synthetic o-rings transfers the energy into the trumpet more efficiently than traditional rubber o-rings. They are for use with Flex Mouthpiece.