S14 GVR Flex Trumpet Mouthpiece

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Schilke 14A Rim – Inner Diameter = .656″ (16.66 mm)
Our S14 GVR Flex trumpet mouthpiece is a great choice for pit work, and in our #5 acoustic series is successful for quintet, concert band and wedding applications.It also works well for lead players who are uncomfortable with very shallow cups.

Players coming from a Schilke 14A style mouthpiece or equivalent report our Flex S14 GVR is 10-30% easier to play with better intonation and a more resonant sound.
This is due to our advanced acoustic design and Flex Alloy.

How to Choose/Order

1. Choose an Acoustic Series Click here for Series Advice
2. Choose Silver or Gold Plating
3. Choose three Flex Couplers (included with mouthpiece price)
Click here for how to choose Flex Couplers (Advice and Details)

A Flex Coupler is needed to use this mouthpiece (3 are included in price).
Contact Us with any questions you may have.
(Acoustic Series are listed in order of popularity for this mouthpiece)


Series Information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 1 x 1 in
Series Design (Mouthpiece balance)

By developing mouthpieces as complete systems, or series, we have been able to combine the best internal shapes and sizes to maximize the performance of each mouthpiece. In this manner you are assured of a mouthpiece that has been balanced acoustically for maximum sound and ease of play.



Flex Alloy

A proprietary brass alloy and treatment. It is extremely resonant and transfers energy very efficiently thus adding to ease of play.

S14 GVR Vs Series

Speed of Sound Series which is good for Lead Trumpet, Amplified Music, and Pit Work.

S14 GVR J6 Series

J6 Series which is good for Lead Trumpet, Amplified Music, and Pit Work. It has more "core" to the sound than the Vs. Some say it requires a little bit more air.

S14 GVR 5 Sries

Great all around Series. Good for Jazz Trumpet and Brass Quintet type of classical music.

S14 GVR T2 Series

The T2 is a variation of the Vs Series. It has either a #30 or #29 bore. This affects the very top of the backbore nearest the cup. It may allow you to use less air.

S14 GVR M4G Series

Our M4G Series is the latest development in small volume cup acoustic design. It provides a huge resonant sound with an extremely easy upper register.


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