Flex Bottom Caps

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flexcapsOur weighted Flex caps add mass and thus damping changing the resonance of the horn.
They weigh 1.4 ounces each (40 grams) and often improve slotting and surety in the upper register.

Our Harmonic Sound Bottom Caps include a chamber that also affects the resonance.

Both attenuate the high frequencies to some degree.
These caps fit Stomvi, Schilke, and Conn Vintage One Trumpets.

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Flex Bottom Caps

Weighted Flex bottom caps can have an affect on feel and focus improving the playability of your trumpet.

Flex bottom caps can give you:

  • Improved slotting
  • An easier upper register
  • High register attenuation
  • More focused sound
  • Better response

Stomvi weighted Flex bottom caps change the resonance of the horn. Many players prefer the sound, feel, slotting, response, and feel of weighted bottom caps. Available in Brushed lacquer, silver and gold Flex Dynamic bottom caps are fantastic accessories for Stomvi, Schilke and Conn Vintage One trumpets.

Harmonic Sound

Stomvi Harmonic Sound bottom caps have a resonance chamber creating a unique harmonic characteristic that can increase response and playability.

Stomvi Harmonic Sound bottom caps can give you:

  • Increased resonance
  • An easier upper register
  • Better response
  • Improved slotting
  • Better flexibility

Stomvi Harmonic Sound bottom caps can enhance the performance characteristics of your instrument with increased resonance allowing the player more dynamic expression. Better connectivity, response, and slotting along with improved sound make the Harmonic Stomvi an excellent replacement for standard bottom caps. Available for Stomvi, Schilke and Conn Vintage One trumpets in silver, brushed lacquer and gold.